Slow Sand Filtration System

FRP tanks are very durable and easy to maintain and they are heat resistant.

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The benefits of slow sand filtration are:

  • Proven reduction of protozoa and most bacteria
  • High flow rate of up to 0.6 liters per minute
  • Simplicity of use and acceptability
  • Visual improvement of the water
  • Production of sufficient quantities of water for all household uses
  • Local production (if clean, appropriate sand is available)
  • One-time installation with low maintenance requirements
  • Long life (estimated >10 years) with no recurrent expenses

The drawbacks of slow sand filtration are:

  • Not as effective against viruses
  • No chlorine residual protection – can lead to recontamination
  • Routine cleaning can harm the biolayer and decrease effectiveness
  • Difficult to transport due to weight – high initial cost


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