FRP boats are fiber reinforced polymer made from a plastic matrix which is reinforced by fine glass fibers. These boats are strong, and do not rust , corrode, or rot. Besides that, they have a long service life span and require little or no maintenance.

Kapilvastu Glass Fiber Industries has established itself as an eminent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of wide gamut Translucent, Corrugated and GRP/FRP sheets. Our expertise lies in manufacturing FRP fabrication works and we deliver boats designed from scratch which are tested under the most extreme conditions  including external weathering.

FRP boats provides enormous benefits to its users like

  1. Vastly improved performance due to its high strength to weight ratio which grants them to be highly resistant to impacts.
  2. Reduction of maintenance as they have no caulking, no leaks. Hulls are one continuous piece of FRP with no joints or gaps to allow water into the hull.
  3. The planks do shrink when laid up as well. Wooden hulls suffer from plank shrinkage when brought out of the water and laid up in the sun but FRP does not shrink or swell so leakage and re-caulking are avoided.
  4. FRP boats can be used for more improved working environments as they are rot proof and resistant to borers.
  5. FRP is non-organic and will not rot. As a plastic it cannot be eaten by marine borers either. It is corrosion and electrolysis reduced as plastics do not corrode.
  6. FRP boats can be used for fishing, recreation, as a means of transport of people and cargo.