TypeAppearanceAcid value (Mg KOH/gm)Viscosity at 25 C (CPs)Specific Gravity At 25 CRefractive Index At 25 CVolatile Content (%)Gel time at 25 C (in minutes) tempGel time at 82 C (min.) /PE (C)Barcol HardnessHeat Distortion ± 3 (C)
General PurposeClear to Pale Yellow Liquid20±2700-2501.10-1.131.53-1.5535±2159-13
42-4570Medium reactivity premium G.P. Resin, suitable for hand lay-up moulding, filament winding etc. Extensively used to manufacture normal FRP products. Widely used for potting of chokes.
General PurposeClear to Pale Yellow Liquid20±4700-2501.10-1.131.53-1.5433±3209-13
35-4065General purpose resin of medium reactivity. Its bonding & impact strength is very high. Widely used for polyester Putty.
RTMClear to Pale Yellow Liquid22±2200-3001.08-1.101.53-1.5438±31510-12
42-4570GP resin used widely in resin transfer moulding application.
Food GradeClear to Pale Yellow Liquid18±2400-1001.08-1.091.52-1.5439±21510-14
40-4565GP resin, to manufacture FRP products used in storage and handling of Food articles in FRP based Food Packing/Industries
Roof LiteClear to Pale Yellow Liquid22±2200-501.08-1.101.52-1.5441±24016-20
40-4570UV stabilized medium reactive resin used for marking Translucent Rooflite sheets.
Roof LiteClear to Pale Yellow Liquid22±2200-501.10-1.131.52-1.5441±24016-20
40-4570UV stabilizer medium reactive resin used for marking Translucent Rooflite sheets. It can also be used for decorative laminates.
SMCClear to Pale Yellow Liquid19±2900-16001.10-1.131.53-1.5432±2158-12
43-4870High reactivity resin designed specially foe manufacture of SMC.
DMCClear to Pale Yellow Liquid21±23000-3001.11-1.141.53-1.5429±3158-12
50-5270High reactivity resin designed specially foe manufacture of DMC. It can also effectively be used in press moulding. Resin designed for hot press moulding for low shrinkage.
Fire RetardantWhite Liquid16±2600-11001.15-1.20NA30±21510-12
40-4560Medium reactivity resin has very very low inflammability can be safely used to make articles where safety from fire hazards is necessary.
Fire Retardant SMCWhite Liquid16±21000-18001.15-1.20NA28±2158-12
40-4560High reactivity resin designed specially for manufacture of SMC having fire retardant properties.
RTM FRMilky white Liquid16±2500-2001.15-1.20NA32±21510-15
30-3560General purpose resin used widely in resin transfer moulding application- very low inflammable resin orthophthalic based.
Fire RetardantWhite Liquid16±21000-18001.20-1.30NA30±51510-12
48-5060Low cost Fire Retardant Polyester Resin.
NormalClear to Pale Yellow Liquid15±2500-8001.10-1.131.53-1.5439±2159-12
45-50100High reactivity resin used against mild corrosion resistance of acids. It is widely used to make FRP chemicals process plants, storage tank, pipes, exhaust hood etc. imparts good mechanical and electrical properties.
SMC/DM CClear to Pale Yellow Liquid14±21000-18001.10-1.131.53-1.5434±2159-12
45-50100Highly reactivity high viscous resin specially designed for SMC/DMC application.
Fire RetardantWhite Liquid14(max)600-11001.15-1.25NA32±21515-20
40-4580Highly reactive very low flammability fire retardant resin.
Food GradeClear to Pale Yellow Liquid14±2300-2001.06-1.101.52-1.5440±21515-18
40-45100Polyester resin used in food processing industry.
PVC GradeClear to Pale Yellow Liquid14±2400-2001.08-1.101.52-1.5440±2156-8
40-45100Medium reactive polyester resin for FRP laminations on PVC. It has excellent bonding with PVC.
RTMClear to Pale Straw Liquid15±2250-3001.09-1.121.53-1.5445±21510-12
42-45100Isopthalic Resin used widely in resin transfar moulding application as per IS- 6746
RTM FRMilky white Liquid12±2500-2001.15-1.20NA33±21510-15
40-4580Very low inflammability Isophthalic based resin widely used in resin transfer moulding.
SMC/DMCClear to Hazy Liquid12±2400-7001.09-1.121.53-1.5438±2159-12
40-45100Polyester Resin used for SMC/DMC application.
NormalClear to Hazy Liquid16±2400-7001.09-1.121.53-1.5438±2159-12
40-45100Terepthalic acid based polyester Resin suitable for use in fiberglass Rain forced plastics moulding application where superior water resistance, heat resistance is desired in comparison to general purposes polyester resin
OrthopthalicOpaque Pale Yellow Liquid19±2Thixo Tropic1.10-1.15NA34±2159-12
NA70Thixotropic Gel coat resin to be used for a smooth top surface. This is used as a top coat of FRP articles to make the surface coloured, elastic and highly glossy
IsopthalicOpaque Pale Yellow Liquid12±2Thixo Tropic1.10-1.15NA38±2159-12
NA100Thixotropic Gel coat resin based on Isopthalic Polyester Resin. It has high impact resistance; durability is much higher with very low water absorption.
Orthopthalic Fire RetardantOpaque Pale Yellow Liquid14±2Thixo Tropic1.15-1.20NA30±21512-15
NA60Orthopthalic based Fire retardant Gel Coat. It is used as a top coat on fire retardant articles.
Isopthalic Fire RetardantOpaque Pale Yellow Liquid10±2Thixo Tropic1.15-1.20NA32±21512-15
NA80Isopthalic based Fire retardant Gel coat. It is used as a top coat on fire retardant articles.
Bisphenol Fumarate
Bisphenol GradePale Yellow Liquid12±2550-1001.06-1.081.53-1.5449±220*35-40
42-48135Based on Prepoxylated Bisphenol Structure offers excellent corrosion resistance to acid mild alkalies, salts, solvents. Suitable for moulding, hand lay-up and filament winding applications.
Tooling GradeClear to hazy liquid16±2600-7001.10-1.131.53-1.5432±215 min5-7
55-60100Tooling grade resin having good corrosive resistance
Lamination GradeClear to Pale Yellow liquid25±3125-1451.06-1.091.53-1.5441±18 min9-11
40-45102Press moulded laminates. It is also suitable with natural fibers.
Vinyl Ester
Normal GradePale Yellow to Light10±2400-6001.05-1.061.53-1.5435±520*35-40
30-35100Chemicals structure intermediate between those of epoxides and polyester, excellent wetting and bonding to glass fibers. Retains high elongation at moderate and high temp. excellent chemicals resistance and low shrinkage
Fire RetardantBrownish white8±2400-8001.15-1.18NA30±220*35-40
30-35100Vinyl Easter Resin based Fire Retardant Resin. It has chemicals resistance towards acids and alkalis and has excellent fire retardant properties.