DIFFUSED day light evenly distributed even into the last corner of the shed is the solution of many day-lighting problems in architecture. Where the structure of the factory sheds and warehouse is covered with C.G.I. and A.C. sheets, the inside becomes generally so dark that even during day hours workers have to depend on the costly artificial light. Most of the industries are using 5% to 10% Translucent Fiberglass sheets in their sheds and warehouse for day lighting.

As per ISI code of practice Fiberglass Translucent Sheets are specially recommended for use in factory sheds and warehouse for natural day-light and FIBERGLASS TRANSLUCENT SHEETS manufactured by Kapilvastu Glass Fiber Industries is the solution.

Fiberglass sheets can also be used for north light glazing, window panels and partitions.

Fiberglass sheets can be handled exactly in the same way as hard board – cut, nailed and screwed. They need no framing and flushing, and can be fixed by skilled workers and tools. Its light weight makes it very convenient to handle and transport.

Fiberglass sheet is normally self-cleaning but if required, it can be cleaned with water and detergent using soft brush. In case of tarry and greasy deposits from industrial atmosphere, roofing should be cleaned at regular intervals to maintain designed daylight factors.

Fiberglass sheets have been in use for past several years in the private homes, hotels, industries and Govt. Departments.

Standard Size

  1. Corrugated Sheet G.I. Type: Width-32” Length-3’ to 12’ (available 1.2 mm. to 3.00mm. as per order)
  2. Corrugated Sheet Hulas Roll Foam Type: Width-32” Length-3’ to 12’ (available 1.2 mm. to 3.00mm. as per order)
  3. Asbestos Cement Sheet Type: Width-1.0mt. Length-1.0mt. to 4.0mt. (available 1.2mm. to 3.00mm. as per order)
  4. Any Size and shape required as per specification: Roof light Sheets can be manufactured as per specification & design.

Fiberglass Translucent Decorative Panels

Crinkle Glass Sheets

Unique Beauty

Why must a certain wall be a dull, drab barrier? Why must a partition do nothing but divide? Why must a luminous ceiling just glare at you? None of this is necessary, with CRINKLE GLASS SHEETS. This structural / decorative paneling of modern chemistry brings sparkling excitement to the most routine applications. Its exclusive, patented prismatic surfaces produce gem-like effects from transmitted and reflected light. Its range of vibrant colors is actually without limitation.

Custom crinkle glass

…….  With its immense range of translucent or opaque colors and textured surface, provides the architect or designer with an opportunity of create his own design at a FRACTION OF THE COST of stained glass. Any religious symbols can be drawn or embossed into a CRINKLE GLASS panel, according to your specification. CRINKLE GLASS captures the beauty of stained glass yet is much more practical. Because it is one-half the weight of glass, virtually unbreakable, and safer to handle, the problems of stained glass installation are eliminated. Our staff can create or duplicate YOUR design. YOUR IMAGINATION ALONE DETERMINES OUR LIMITATION.

Standard Size

Crinkle Glass Fiberglass Sheet

  1. As per your requirement size width-4’6” to length-8’.
  2. Both sides CRINKLE GLASS sheet can also be made.
  3. Thickness as per requirement.
  4. Corrugated CRINKLE GLASS Sheets can be also made.

Sky-light Dome

Fiberglass sky-light dome offers functional beauty to sky-lights which cannot be achieved through conventional paneling. While maintaining desired luminousness, fiberglass sky-light domes reduce harsh glare, diffuses light and controls heat. Non-yellowing, white translucent fiberglass sky-light domes satisfies the balance of light transmittance and luminous glare. Solid or multi-colors enables the designer to capture the atmosphere and mood of the entire room.

Suggested Usages

Decorative wall panels, Room Dividers, Shower Enclosures, Stained Art Windows, Structural Panels, Lighting Fixtures, Canopy Roofs, Luminous Ceilings, Sky Light Domes, illuminated signs, factory & warehouse shades and many, many more…….


LIGHT TRANSMISSION: FIBER GLASS sheet is translucent not transparent. This allows about 85% diffused cool light to pass through without glare. There is no shadow.

HIGH STRENGTH: FIBER GLASS sheet are virtually unbreakable. Drop a brick or hammer on it and it will merely bounce off. The spiraling cost of replacement due to carelessness and vandalism or everyday hazard is eliminated.

WEATHER RESISTANCE: FIBER GLASS sheet are impervious to environmental conditions such as temperature change and all forms of precipitation. The detrimental effects of sunlight exposure and yellowing have been minimized with the addition of U.V. absorbers. FIBER GLASS SHEETS provides maximum protection to the installation from storms, hails and hurricane. The dangers of shattered glass and flying objects are virtually eliminated.

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: FIBER GLASS has excellent resistance to most acids, mild alkalis and petroleum based solvents allows its use in many corrosive atmospheres. It will not support fungus.

FIRE RESISTANCE: Burning embers will not fire FIBER GLASS sheets. Fiber Glass reinforcements is a barrier to flame break through.

ECONOMICAL: Above all FIBER GLASS cuts down your lighting cost. No artificial lighting required during the day. In various cases FIBER GLASS saves so much on electricity bills that the installation pays for itself in the first year.

Sky-light Domes

Thickness 2.00 mm or 3.00 mm
24 in.12 in.
30 in.12 in.
36 in.18 in.
42 in.12 in.

Please note: the sizes given are approximate.

Pyramid types Domes: As per requirement

Colors available as per requirement: General Colors : Blue, Yellow, Parrot Green, Leaf green, White, Red, Orange, Purple, Smoke Grey, Black and any Special Color as per requirement can be made.

Embedded Painting, Writing Boards, Name Plates, Hording Boards, Sign Boards can be made as per requirement.

Technical Details

Optical properties

Effect of tinting on light transmission efficiency of FRP roof light sheets

Tint% Light Transmission Efficiency
Haze Blue34

U.V. Transmission: Absorbing to a large degree.
Infra-Red Range: Insulating to a large degree.

FRP Roof Light / Asbestos / GI Corrugated Sheets a Comparison

Specific Gravity1.52.07.7
Wt. Per. Sq. Mt. (kg.)
Tensile Strength (kg mm2)10-120.5-1.020-24
Flexural strength (kgmm2)15.201.20
Thermal Expansion (cm/cm/oc)2.0 x 10 – 61.0 x 10 – 61.4 x 10 – 6
Thermal Transmittance (w/m2oc)5.78.0

Technical Specifications

  1. Mechanical Specifications:
    • Tensile Strength: 12000 ibf/in2
    • Flexural (Bending): 0.8 X 106 ibf/in2
    • Flexural Strength: 24000 ibf / in2
    • Bolt Sheer: 112 ibf
    • Hardness: 40 Barcol
  2. Physical Specifications:
    • Thermal Conductivity: 1.1 Btu in/ft2 ho F
    • Coefficient of Linear expansion : 12 X 10-6/oC
    • Water absorption : 0.23% [24 hours at 2 kgo C]
    • Light transmission : 75% TO 82 %
    • Heat Distortion Temperature : 80oC
  3. Specification Profile:
    • A.C. Big-Six Corrugation
    • GI / Al Corrugation
    • Special Shape
  4. Color: Translucent or any other desired color.
  5. Size: Standard sizes of A. C. Big-Six and other corrugations of G.I. / Al.
  6. Thickness: Commercial: 1.0mm to 3.00mm

Shape, Size & Dimensions: Fiber Glass sheets are available in four corrugations and lengths as per requirement with standard width. Standard thickness of sheet is 1.2mm (+/- 1.5%). Other thickness made to order.

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