Below is the list of our raw materials.
1. Glass fiber chopped strand matt (CSM),
2. Glass fiber woven rovings.
3. Glass fiber surfacive tissue.
4. Polyester resins of all varieties:
a. Sheet grade polyester resin
b. General purpose resin
c. General purpose gelcoat
d. ISO grade resin
e. ISO grade gelcoat
f. Lamination grade resin
5. Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide (also called catalyst or hardner)
6. Cobalt octate (also called accelerator)
7. Pigments
8. Polyester film as a release agent for making sheets.
9. Brushes and rollers for laying resin.
10. Wax polish to polish the mold.
11. Polyveneyl alcohol (PVA). This is the release agent to release the piece from the mold.
12. Fillers like calcium carbonate, chalk powder, soap stone powder.
13. A verity of hand tools.