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Acid proof / chemical tank

  • Overall height: 180 cm
  • Internal storage height: 90 cm
  • Inside diameter: 90 cm
  • Tank Capacity: 1,000 liters
  • Vertical Tank:
      • Inlet at the top,
      • outlet at the bottom,
      • overflow at the side and
      • MS fasteners at the top and side to lift and clamp the tank.
  • Color: as per choice
  • Made in Nepal
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These tanks are highly heat-resistant and less-weighted which makes it easier to store in the range of direct sunlight as well as to move from one space to another. The tanks can be built on-site thus making it ideal for remote locations where transportation connectivity is not ideal.

FRP storage tanks are used for the storage / accumulation of chemicals, water, waste, slurry etc. Tanks are designed to be used in pharmaceutical, refineries, chemical, petro-chemical, oil & gas and in other similar industries for the maximum flexibility with low maintenance cost.

Cylindrical Horizontal Tanks are used for specific process reasons. They are mounted on either concrete or metal saddles. These type of tanks are also used in plants which have height restrictions. Most common cylindrical, vertical with flat bottom and conical top tanks are used for bulk storage of chemicals as they are economical, occupy minimum floor space and require only plain RCC platform with sand / bitumen surfacing for mounting. These tanks are designed for full ground support.

Tank of sizes from 1,000 liters to 50,000 liters can be made as per client requirements.


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